Six Questions Hotel Operator Should Answer To Drive Customer Engagement

6 Questions Any Hotel Operator Should Answer To Drive Customer Engagement

Differentiation is the key for attracting more customers. Here are some relevant questions that you should answer to stand out from the competition.

1.- How are you targeting your clients?

Concentrating on the right customer plays an important role when it comes to marketing. For instance, if you are trying to attract millennials, what is your hotel providing that other hotels are not providing in order to fulfill their needs? Things such as up-to-date technology and engagement apps that show your clients interacting within the hotel are some of the most powerful advertisements. Your customer writes the story, while you provide the stage for it.

2.- What experiences trigger your potential customers to take pictures?

After you have provided the stage, elements within the hotel will spark enthusiasm in your customers to create a story about their visit. Your job as an operator is to make them as noticeable as possible. Look for those winning elements within the environment and adjust them as needed. You can feature a great sculpture, a specific room with character or a lounge with a great ambience. Some hotels collaborate with local artists to promote their paintings, sculptures or music within the hotel. Intentionally engineer the visitor experience to encourage online photo sharing in social media.

3.- Do you encourage your customers to rate your hotel on your website?

…Instead of with the OTAs? What incentives are you offering to your customers to come to your page and rate their experience? With so many choices out there, loyalty is becoming more difficult to cultivate. Your website engagement helps contain the cost of competing with OTAs.
Keep your customers informed on your website about all of the events, concerts and places to visit around your hotel’s city. With incentives like discounted tickets and VIP treatment, your website can be the source of information or platform where customers search for anything that is happening within the city they are staying in. Work with local venues to create customer traffic together, a win-win situation for all businesses involved.

4.- How are your customers communicating their needs during their stay?

This is your time to shine with customers and let them engage before they arrive, during their stay and after. Offering different venues is the key.

5.-  Do you encourage your customers to message you about their needs through various platforms, like reaching you through voice with Alexa (during their stay)?

Your goal is to encourage them to engage with your hotel’s staff about any needs they might have and about your communication channels. This will give you a chance to ask for their feedback on service, make any changes, adapt and get the good reviews that will make your hotel stand out.

6.- Is your staff getting regular training?

Your staff is the face of the hotel. Due to technology, customer face time with the hotel staff is getting reduced. Therefore, that precious moment of engagement should be memorable. It is the opportunity to prove that online or offline, the service is consistent, reliable and unique.

As an operator, are you aware of new concepts coming onto the market, and which competitors are embracing them

Learning about these trends directly from your customers is faster than waiting to read about them in the industry trade magazines. To stay on top of technology and ahead of the competition, get customer feedback, adapt to changes and strive for uniqueness. Let your customers know that their feedback drives your strategy and they will reward you with in-person feedback, online reviews, social sharing and direct bookings.

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