About Ricardo

Ricardo brings a broad perspective to your Philadelphia commercial real estate sales or acquisition. As a former actuary,he knows cash flows, funding vehicles and property valuations.

As a veteran Philadelphia real estate pro,he knows its neighborhoods, market trends, and decision makers.

Off work, you may find Ricardo enjoying a fine Bordeaux or Barolo in one of Philly’s top restaurants. Before he transitioned into real estate, Ricardo studied to become a professional sommelier.

Once you start a conversation with him about food and wine, you and he may get pleasantly lost in the storytelling.

Getting deals done is all about common ground. Some deals are done on the golf course. That’s not Ricardo. He gets deals done in the boardroom – and the dining room. This is a guy who will debate debt immunization strategies or the merits of aging chardonnay in oak versus steel barrels, with equal passion – and expertise.


I attend professional conferences and networking events, mainly in New York and Philly, but I will be expanding my list and begin attending conferences around the world, because there is an international buyer’s market.

Within Philadelphia, we have several key zones of interest:

  • Center City
  • Olde City
  • Chinatown
  • Fishtown
  • Northern Liberties

Online marketing e.g. PPC, social media, e-mail marketing etc. But also traditional marketing e.g. print ads.