How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate: Getting Started

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate There are some investors who rely on real property as an investment vehicle, The conditions of the economy have an influence on the type and extent of the investment, but there are opportunities to build a stable and profitable portfolio regardless of the outside influences and conditions. If […]

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate in 2018

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate in 2018: Getting Started in Millennial Philadelphia Investing in commercial and retail property isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. In the past few decades shopping centers, hotels, and other large retail spaces have gone out of style, with many closing their doors permanently. Young Americans no […]

Six Questions Hotel Operator Should Answer To Drive Customer Engagement

6 Questions Any Hotel Operator Should Answer To Drive Customer Engagement Differentiation is the key for attracting more customers. Here are some relevant questions that you should answer to stand out from the competition. 1.- How are you targeting your clients? Concentrating on the right customer plays an important role when it comes to marketing. […]

1031 Exchange Rules for 2019

The Trump Administration recently passed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, a set of tax reforms which redefine what can be claimed as property in 1031 or, ‘like-kind’ property exchanges. Before we can understand the Trump Administration’s changes, we must understand the basics of a 1031 property exchange: The 1031 tax exchange (also referred to as a […]

Co-living: A Popular and Profitable Modern Apartment Model

You may have already heard of co-working, but did you know, it has a younger cousin? Co-living is new on the scene in most major cities in the US, and puts a domestic spin on the multi-person model. Co-living is essentially similar to the co-working model: a group of people shares common areas like the […]

Short-term rental, an alternative to keep buildings at-capacity all year long

DO YOU CURRENTLY OWN A BUILDING WITH EMPTY UNITS? With the traditional tenant system, It’s hard for landlords to keep properties at-capacity all year long Semi-occupied buildings can be frustrating, and every day without a tenant is lost profit. Luckily, there’s another option: the short-term rental. Popularized by websites such as Vrbo and Airbnb, this […]


Different areas of Philadelphia have been designated as Opportunity Zones, part of a new economic stimulus plan signed into law by the Trump Administration in 2017. The Secretary of the Treasury has predicted 100 billion dollars will be invested into these Opportunity Zones, but what are they, exactly? And how can you take advantage of […]